There is a purpose in meeting people in life, some are there to test you, some will use you, some will teach you, and some will bring out the best in you.
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Life is like a piano. White keys are happy moments & Black are sad moments. But remember both keys are played together to give sweet music.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

It was perfect

That moment
It was perfect
It was beautiful

There are no more other words that I could use to describe how amazing how perfect it was
Being able to meet you was the best thing ever. It was just perfect.

That night you were there. You were the first person I saw and I got so nervous but excited at the same time. When you noticed my presence, we stared at each other in the eyes and exchanged smiles. It was perfect. Your smile is just the best thing ever. Sadly at that point of time when I just arrived, you had to leave. But then you were told to stay for a while. And I took the courage to step up to you and gave your gift. It was really frightening. Your smile made me feel even more nervous. When I passed it to you, you had that pretty cute expression on your face and you said "me? for me?" I was really at the highest point of my shyness and I could only smile and nod to you. You were so pleasant. From that expression on your face, I could tell that you weren't expected it totally. I left you alone and didn't managed to ask you personally to get a picture with you. My cousin did. And you were shy aww. When you came near and stood next to me, it was perfect. And then you whispered, "you're actually quite short" the moment was just so perfect that I could only managed to give you a smile. One of your friend saw us taking a picture together and she made the situation more awkward. She said, "awww cheyy cheyy" It was very embarrassing I can't even-
And then you had to leave and so you did. It was at nine. I was still outside and came home at eleven. Received few notifications from you; at nine & at ten
You thanked me quite a number of times and told me that you didn't expect me to buy you a gift. You thanked me even after you alr did. You were super cute. Really cute. You said you were shy. You told me you were happy with the gifts I gave you and like the SnapBack I bought for you. Other than that, I made you a cake jar cause I know you love cake jar so much. And it's really cute that you actually told me you're not gonna finish it in a day but you're gonna eat it bit by bit each day. I was so touched. We texted until 3am that night. It was perfect. You were so happy. It was perfect. 

The next day, you wore the SnapBack. I went to this place where there was this event that was held which he joined. I got to meet you again. It was so crowded and the first person that caught my eyes when I arrived; it's you. I knew you saw me & you knew I saw you but both of us pretended we didn't see each other. I walked around and the came to his booth. I was so touched that he actually wore it. I admired your pretty cute face and you actually smiled at me. I died cause it was perfect. All your other friends looked at me and I was feeling rather uneasy. We bought shirts and took a pic tgt.

When I reached home, I texted you; asking why everyone was looking st me. 
You said "oh they were looking at you cause they wanna see the girl that gave me the SnapBack. They know you gave it to me. And they were like ooooo amirul oooo waahhh" I died. 
It was perfect really perfect.