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Monday, 14 October 2013

"Knowing that you have a crush on someone but you can't have him, just sucks so much" 

It's the most horrible and terrible thing when you know you have a crush on 
someone but you can't have him/her. 

You feel like the world's gonna end soon. 
You feel like breaking down.
You feel like telling the whole world how much you love that person. 
You feel like giving up and just die on the spot. 

I know I'm not supposed to have a crush on him and i know i can't have him, cause it's impossible. But as days pass by, he just had to make me fall for him even more. His lame jokes and all, omg you're perf. 

I wish I can tell you how perf you are to me. 
I wish i can tell you how amazing you are.

I want you to know that every single thing you do always make me happy. Your presence can brightened up my mood even tho I'm feeling rather sad or fucked up. I do smile every time we talk. That's how amazing you are. You can make me happy with all those little things you do. 

One day later I'm gonna go up to you and let you know how happy am i after knowing you and everytime we talk. I'm gonna let you know all those things you do that turns me on. I'm gonna let you know that i actually find you so perfect. 

It just turns me on whenever you play soccer.
It just turns me on whenever you smile.
It just turns me on whenever you do all those cute things.

You really caught my eye and heart tbh. 

Your personality just turns me on, hun

I'm truly glad that you step into my life and then be the one that i love the most.

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