There is a purpose in meeting people in life, some are there to test you, some will use you, some will teach you, and some will bring out the best in you.
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Thursday, 12 September 2013

"Get up, take a moment to realize, try and work hard for it"

Crush, crush and crush. 
Normal to have and talk about crushes during these teenage years. 
But sometimes crush can crush everything, like a fire that can be friends with us but ended up destroying our lives like an enemy.

• the guy doesnt know that you exist
• the guy has a crush
• the guy is popular 
• many girls have a crush on him
• the guy still likes his ex
• the guy has a girlfriend
• there's a girl who is suck up to him

But dont make all these as your excuses to stop your feelings towards your crush. Rubbish. 
Just get up and get out from your shell, take a moment to realize what you should and should not do, try and work hard for it. If you feel pathetic or useless, take a moment to realize that if you continue feeling that way, you'll be in a loss. So get out from that little shell of yours and change for the better. It'll benefit you. If you think you don't have that thing that will attract him and that only other girls have it, try not to think that way. If you think you dont have any talent, its not a problem cause if the guy really loves you, everything else doesnt matter except for your heart and personality. Don't bother about the cactuses and tigers that are trying to pull you down so that you'll give up. They are just an example of a bunch of super major losers that do not have a life and only want the easy way to get their crushes. But don't worry if they get their crushes who is also your crush, cause they only managed to taste it for a short period of time due to their ugly personality and they'll lose the guy that they really want so badly. 
Just dont give up cause with God's will, I'm sure you'll get what you want if you really work hard for it.

"Be a lady and work hard for something you dream of. Don't be a bitch that goes around clinging onto people so that she/he will be able to get help from many and, not using your sweat and working hard for it"

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